What I’m Reading: February

Well, the semester is underway and student papers have started doing that thing where they pile up on my desk in secret, covetous groups and side-eye me until I either grade or leave the office. So I’ve left the office. Your move, student papers.

And now the snow, like metaphors about snow in an MFA classroom, is falling without any sign of stopping, and I’m getting ready to ensepulchre myself in blankets and read more of Robert Jackson Bennett’s American Elsewhere, which is an eerie novel to read when you live in a small, Midwestern town like I do (the book is in part concerned with how messed up and problematic those cute, idyllic little towns can be). It’s a great book, but I really haven’t been sleeping well recently.

This month, I’m looking forward to getting into Lavie Tidhar’s upcoming novel Central Station (which I’ll be talking about over at Hazel & Wren), China Mieville’s new novel This Census-Taker, and Claudia Rankine’s much-celebrated Citizen.

Oh! And don’t forget to check out this amazing kickstarter for an Ursula Le Guin documentary. The world needs this. Actually, the world needs about twelve Le Guin documentaries. Or more.


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