Three-A-Week (3.3): Nino Cipri’s “The Noctambulists”

Published serially at Nino’s patreon page.

Normally this is where my warning goes, the one about me spoiling the story and being rambly and whatnot. But this post is a little different and a lot shorter. The story this time is a novel, the chapters of which are being published serially for Nino’s patreon backers. And I have less to say about it than I normally would because it’s just getting started. There are two chapters up of “The Noctambulists” so far. I don’t want to spoil anything for people, but I also can’t really–there’s been enough of the story so far to get me really interested in it, but what I have so far are enticing questions without any answers.

One of the really neat things with “The Noctambulists” is that it’s told in second person, and so far that seems to really work with the tone of the story, which is so dang creepy. Second person has always felt a little uncanny to me: recognizable and unsettling, inviting in a sickly sweet way. And the way Nino has already begun deploying it in these first few chapters pulled me in immediately. The main character of the story, the protagonist (“you”), encounters an odd TV show in the first chapter that is oddly appealing. It features a woman speaking to the audience as though she could actually see them, as though there was an actual conversation to be had. And the protagonist watches the TV show and the movie that begins afterward despite the growing sense of unease accompanying the whole thing. And that’s exactly how I’m going to keep reading “The Noctambulist:” with the growing unease that should accompany a creepy story told well.

Alright, that’s all I’ve got for “The Noctambulist.” If you want more, and you really should, head over to Nino’s patreon page and become a backer. You get access to their backer-only stuff *and* you get to support a great new writer!? There is no bad here!

Oh, and don’t forget to stop back here tomorrow for Nino’s interview, which they were so wonderfully kind to agree to do. It’s going to be great!


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