Ishiguro’s “The Buried Giant”

Yesterday, the New York Times published an article about Kazuo Ishiguro’s upcoming novel, The Buried Giant. It’s an interesting read, and I confess to immediately heading to Amazon about halfway through my reading in order to pre-order the book. It sounds really great and exactly the kind of thing I want to be reading and writing. This quote from David Mitchell really stood out to me:

“Fantasy plus literary fiction can achieve things that frank blank realism can’t,” said Mr. Mitchell, who added that he hoped “The Buried Giant” would help to “de-stigmatize” fantasy. “Bending the laws of what we call reality in a novel doesn’t necessarily lead to elves saying ‘Make haste! These woods will be swarming with orcs by nightfall.’ ”

March 3rd, here we come!

P.S. How about that cover!

The Buried Giant




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